Sample HTML5 scenarios?

I started my evaluation of CenarioVR today, as mentioned in other topics. My employer is looking at the product specifically because of the multiplatform support, and in the short term we would be almost entirely using the HTML5 publishing (because our staff by and large don't have headsets, and nobody wants to share face-touching equipment just now). Now I find that I cannot test HTML5 publishing, meaning I can't test Lectora integration.

I do understand your reluctance to let us make reusable content for free. Can you make some HTML5 exports from your public scenarios (which are, after all, generally available anyway)? That would let me test the functionality, if not with our particular content. We absolutely need to test with our LMS and our client hardware/software loadout before we can purchase any product.

It would be even better to unlock HTML5 publishing, maybe with a watermark (nonremovable semitransparent info card locked to the viewport?).

Edit to add: also SCORM 1.2.


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For quick access to published versions, try here:


Thank you, John.

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