Repeating motion paths (and nudging)


So I'm trying motion paths for the first time. I'd like to have an arrow pointing at something by moving toward it, repeatedly. In my head, it disappears (after a brief pause) at the end of its travel, then reappears at the beginning and repeats. Currently there seems to be no obvious way to do that.

Setting up motion paths would be easier if one could use the keyboard arrows to nudge objects. You can do that when positioning objects in edit mode, but for some reason it does not work when moving them to waypoints during motion path creation.

I guess I could use timeline actions and have the timeline loop, if I wasn't using the timeline for anything else. In fact,(stream of consciousness here) I will do that in this particular case. Still, having a feature would be better, in my opinion.

Nope, going back to the beginning of the timeline doesn't reset the position of objects with a motion path, and there is no action in CVR to reset motion paths (or trigger them), which I believe is an oversight, and hereby request to be added.

Hey: why, when I set the scene's timeline to loop, does it change my camera angle to the initial one, no matter what I might have been looking at? Who does that benefit in what situations?

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Additional info as I play with this feature: if I give an arrow object a motion path, it also develops a hotspot's mouse sensitivity--that is, it grows and chirps on mouse over events. That's because it is turned into a hotspot. I added the arrow as an image, but when I give it a motion path, suddenly I can add actions to it. ?????

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