Publishing: description in AICC package may not match what you select in dialog

This is a decade-old bug, and my suggestion is that you fix it.

Sometimes, less than 1% of the time but often enough to be remarkably annoying if you don't understand, the AWT becomes corrupted. Specifically, it has two sets of undefined tag. The result is that what you type in the publishing dialog for AICC can be one thing, but the description that the LMS reads from the Zip package is something else entirely, and you can't fix it from the GUI.

I'm an IT vet and former software dev, so I am comfortable editing the AWT file in a text editor to fix the description. It completely confounded my colleague who comes from an educational background and had never even heard of XML. It should not be a requirement for Lectora use to be familiar with hand-editing XML, folks.

I know this bug is at least a decade old because I have already reported it to Trivantis twice myself. The first time, it was a Lectora X bug. The second time was to one of your developers personally in 2016 at your Florida show.

I'm a mediocre and out-of-practice developer, and I'm pretty sure I could fix the bug with some simple error-checking code without much difficulty. Please fix it.

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Thank you, I don't see it written up, so I will write it up and we will contact you if we need any more details. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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