Problem with hiding 3D objects

Hi CenarioVR team,

I am having difficulties hiding 3D objects at the start of a scene.

Context is:

The scene requires a user to drag a 3D object from the scene into a hotspot (Drop Spot)

There are 9 x 3D objects to choose from, and users have to correctly drag and drop 3 of the 9 x 3D objects

For the remaining 6 x 3D objects, they 'Reset' to their original positions

To begin the scene, I wanted to hide all 9 x 3D objects, and so I've set up individual actions for each object to 'Hide' on Show (of the scene)

Then, when a user clicks 'Start' button - I've set up individual actions for each object to 'Show'.

However, when the scene initially loads, it is loading the 3D objects, but does not hide them.

I have also set the 3D objects to be 'Not Visible' - which will hide the 3D objects at the start of the scene. However, for the 6 x 3D objects that need to 'Reset' to their original positions (if incorrectly placed), they revert to an 'invisible' state.

Is there a way to hide the 9 x 3D objects without using the 'Not Visible' setting on the object itself?

Thanks in advance.

Discussion (1)

I am not able to replicate the "On Show - Hide" issue you mention with 3D objects, I've tried it with many 3D objects and they always hide, although they will initially show very quickly, that is what you will see if you use the "On Show - Hide".

The better way would be to have them start as "Not Visible", as you mentioned. That way they won't flash as visible before hiding.

One thing you may be missing that will make your life easier is the use of layers. Add those 6 3D objects (or all 9) to a layer, and then you only need to reset the layer, and show the layer, two actions which will reset and show all of the objects at the same time. Will save you a lot of effort when working with sets of objects.

That is the purpose of a layer, a set of objects that are acted on together.