Perspective way off, and resizing is weird

Working on a scenario, I created a scene that contains a large still image. I then created a new scene and put some content in it, then came back to link from the first scene to the other, by dropping in an image hotspot, which I would put in a blank area of the image in the first scene.

CenarioVR distorts the new, smaller image enormously, meaning it looks absurd on top of the first one. See attachment.

If the big image can remain square, I should be able to make a superimposed image also remain square. Otherwise, you can't have two images on the screen at the same time unless they are at exactly the same vertical angle, or it blows the illusion.

I also noticed a missing or broken event handler in your object-resizing code. If I drag one of the corner handles to resize an object, it works ... but the MouseUp event is not received, or not handled correctly, because even after I release the mouse button, my mouse motions continue to resize the object. I have to (left) click on a different object to convince CVR to stop radically resizing the object. Since you can't set numerical sizes in CVR, I actually had to place another object in the right place to drag over so that I could release the object when it was the right size. This is silly.

The above behavior seen using Firefox 78.0.2.

By the way: why can't I just make a rectangular hotspot and set its dimensions to something convenient? As it is, I have to use a rectangular image or icon. What is your objection to adding actions to text boxes, by the way?

Thanks for any help.


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OK, Firefox just upgraded to version 79.0. Now resize by dragging corners works ... but the buttons in the Scene listing are invisible. See attachment. The tooltips appear, but not the buttons.



If you want two (or any number of) objects to be on the same plane, just group them. They will then line up together rather than on the sphere. You'll notice when you group things, it shows a plane that encompasses the grouped items.


There's a great tutorial on Groups and Layers here:


For the Firefox issues, I tried Firefox 78.02, and then upgraded to 79, I don't see any of the issues you are referring to . I was able to resize normally in 78.02, and I attached an image of the tooltip from 79. Maybe just try restarting your browser?



All fixed objects are on a "single plane" exactly like a grouped set of objects, its just that the fixed plane is one persistent plane that stays in the users field of view.

You're using the term distorted, when what you really have is objects on different areas of the sphere when the sphere is rotated away from the center point of that object. You need to think in terms of things being in a spherical coordinate system rather than a flat coordinate system. If you rotate the field of view of the sphere to the center point of the object, it will appear to have its initial aspect ratio, spinning it out of the field of view will show it at the angle it is spun to.

John, I've done 3D models and 3DVR environments on and off for decades. I know the basics. "Distortion" is exactly what the artistic depiction of perspective is. Note my reference to perspective in the actual subject line. When parallel lines are shown as meeting a vanishing point (as happens to rectangles in CVR) they are distorted.

I predominantly use Google Chrome, I've randomly had the scene buttons disappear (but tooltips visible if rollover), exiting the scenario and opening back up usually brings them back.

The issues were transient for me, too, as it turns out. The broken dragging of bounding boxes returned briefly in one Scene, but then disappeared again.

I also noticed that if I make an object Fixed, its perspective radically changes (and becomes less distorted).

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