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So, is there any particular reason Trivantis hasn't put an OnPlay action in Lectora? I can use OnDonePlay, and it works fine (in 17) but why can't I trigger an action when a clip begins to play? Seems weird.

Yes, I know I can script it.

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It would definitely be a boost as far as usability goes!

Thanks for the suggestion @CarlFink ! I've brought it to the attention of our Product Manager and we're going to look into adding this to the products as a future enhancement. While scripting works you can also add a timed trigger using the synchronize events process in Lectora in the meantime as well.

Thanks, Jennifer. The timing idea works, but it requires me to manually do stuff that could be an automated sequence, and with more interface complexity that is not actually needed. Also, with onPlay as a trigger I could have a sequence of events (each accompanied by an audio clip), and remove one from the middle, add one into the middle, or replace one, without having to change all the timings after that point--just change the target of one Play action and the rest remain synchronized.

@Joe, the effect would be the same but conceptually it isn't as clear, in my opinion.

I mean, I could write JavaScript to do anything I wanted, but surely the point of the Lectora product is to make development easier for people?

I'm just curious why you could not add an event to the audio object at time 00:00. Then associate whatever action you want with that event. Isn't this the same as an On Play trigger?


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