Obtain question data when LMS does not support this function

Background: at my company we use the Success Factors (SAP) Learning Management System (LMS), formerly known as Plateau. Because SF only really supports the last release of AICC and SCORM 1.2, we have standardized on AICC for all courses for the immediate future. (Note: they don't support the same version of AICC that Lectora publishes to--Trivantis standardized on the final draft version where Plateau/SAP never moved beyond the final release version, forcing me to write a custom script to convert Lectora AICC zip files into compatible versions for Success Factors.)

In any case, Success Factors also doesn't support all of the AICC standard--in particular, any attempt to report data on individual test questions results in crashing the session and losing all results of the course. We would really like to do item analysis on the questions.

I can't use the "Submit to Google Drive" because it doesn't work any more. Trivantis support confirms that Google changed their interface and this is no longer available. I can't use the email option because it uses a local email client, and we consciously don't permit this for security reasons (and in any case, this would show the students the correct answers, which is also not permitted.) That leaves "Submit to Custom Script"--but we (the company's Academy) do not currently have a server on which we can install custom databases and scripts.

So, my question is, does the community have any suggestions? For instance, has anyone set up custom scripting on the Plateau/Success Factors platform? Or, looking at it from a higher level, is there a way to do item analysis that I'm missing, given that our LMS doesn't support individual question data? Or should I be bugging our information tech team to make an external-facing PHP server available to us?

Thanks in advance for all assistance.


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Math, the Firebase idea looks great in and of itself, but Lectora doesn't natively support posting test results to it. This would mean I'd have to add custom code to some object in Lectora (the Results page?) that would screen-scrape or otherwise get the test data and post it, outside of the Lectora test primitives. Correct? I'm not sure that's easier than just getting access to a server and putting a PHP (ASP?) script on it.

Hi Carl,

A valid option might be write data needed to Firebase. https://firebase.google.com/

Here i have a sample working with Firebase, it is not uptodate anymore because firebase got updated, and the sample i showed is using the older version. Well nevertheless you can write and read anything you want to the database. Live and realtime..


I am working on a multiuser game that uses this technology.

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