mp4 video refuses to start playing without mouse click

I'm updating an old course that had a SWF animation. I converted it to mp4 video, no problem.

I insert it into my course (insert undefined from file), no problem.

I go to Properties and choose Autostart. It does not start unless clicked on. Problem.

I add an OnShow action to play it. This does nothing. Problem.

I add an action at the page level to play it on show. This also does nothing. Problem.

As a test, I create a button with an OnMouseClick action to play the video. This works. However, if I change the trigger of this same action to OnShow, nothing. Problem. On the other hand, if I leave the OnShow trigger but have the action display a message, that works, so I know the OnShow is triggering.

I wondered about some sort of codec issue, so I converted the video to uncompressed AVI and let Lectora convert it back to mp4. Same behavior.

I created a brand-new Lectora file containing only one page with the video on it. Same behavior, so it isn't a corruption of the original AWT file.

Darrel Somoza very kindly customized a mediaJS player for me, which I'd love to use, but it doesn't autoplay. Maybe I'll try to customize it further to do that. It still would not give the "OnDonePlaying" Lectora event, though.

Lectora 17.0.6.


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Ohhh ... just came across Darrel's previous message in the other thread, saying, "By the way, the Auto play property will work just fine once it’s uploaded to your server. It wont work locally." I'm speculating that "Preview in Browser" won't work for that reason, but if I publish the course to HTML and preview it from the publish dialogue, it will (because that runs a minimal local web server). I'm testing that right now but this course has "make the student wait for the video to play" timing so it might be over an hour to get to the offending page.


[edit] and Darrel was correct, as one would expect. Sorry to bother people, leaving this thread up in case someone else searches for this.

Hey, Trivantis: maybe make "Preview in Browser" use the same minimal web server that Preview from the Publish dialog uses? I mean, it's the same code, just link to it from another button ....

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