More batch actions and LMS functionality

I just added some users, and wanted to assign them to a group. The "Batch Actions" for multiselected users just consist of "Delete".

If that's the only action, the button should just be "Delete". Why make me click twice?

The better alternative would be to add to that menu, perhaps "Add to Group ..." and "Assign Scenarios ...". The ellipsis indicates that a menu selection produces a dialog, by the way--that's a very longstanding interface standard.

While I'm at it, this LMS portion of CenarioVR should include "Curricula" consisting of multiple Scenarios that one can assign users/groups to. For example, a hospital might have "Emergency Room PPE," "Patient Transport," and "Vehicle loading/unloading" scenarios that all new ER personnel should complete. Making that one curriculum would make it much easier to assign them all to a person when hired, or even to a group of people hired at the same time (by having a group named "January 10 hires").

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Hi Carl,

We appreciate any feedback that will continue to push the limits of our product!

Updates to our applications are always deeply researched before being implemented, to ensure that our users will have a positive reaction. Note that the feedback you have provided will be taken seriously and passed along to the correct department for their consideration.

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