Lectora 19: missing scroll bar

In Lectora 19, I zoom in and ... can't scroll to the right because there is no horizontal scroll bar. Less than ideal.

See screencap.


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Hello CarlFink,

I do believe this will be fixed soon however, the scrollbar is still there, all you have to do is enable the 'Actions Pane'

View Ribbon undefined

Thanks, Nicholas. That requires me to have the Action Pane turned on, something I have never wanted in a decade or so of using Lectora.

Also, it revealed a new and annoying bug.

I decided to reduce the size of the Action Pane to waste less screen real estate.

I dragged the border too low. The Action Pane is now invisible because I dragged its top border below the bottom of the window. There is no clear way to get it back now--turning it on and off does not work. So, that solution didn't last long.

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