Issue with and suggestion for the Asset Library

So I'm trying to find a map of New York City in the Stock Images section.

First, have you considered creating a Maps or Geography category? Your search really isn't helpful. Seriously, could someone on the ELB Learning team try to find a map of New York City, reasonably plain but not unrecognizable in its blankness, ideally a vector? I did find one, but it was a struggle for no good reason.

One I looked at was "Empty vector map of New York City, New York, USA". Here's the issue: why is the EPS stored in a zip archive ... in a weirdly deep folder-within-a-folder-within-a-folder structure: Users/knuthebstreit/Desktop/zip? Clearly your contributor created a odd, malformed archive and nobody reported it until I just did. (That specific map is strangely low-contrast and not fit for my purpose, without a lot of work I don't feel like doing to make it easier to understand.)

Discussion (2)

Hmm ... why does the mouse pointer become the "flying finger of click", indicating a clickable object is beneath it, when I float it over the preview image on an image's page, but clicking the image does nothing?

To add: why does "map new york" bring up a map of Florida, maps of the United States, but only one map of the state of New York? Silhouettes, even if labeled "map", are not maps.

OK, if I scroll down far enough I do find lots of real maps, but why are they on page 20? And there are lots of exact duplicates. Plagiarists, or just people accidentally uploading the same image multiple times? Look at "Orange New York map - vector illustration" for one example. I haven't been a coder for decades, but I'm pretty sure one of your developers could write a script to do comparisons between similarly-named and similarly-keyworded images in about an hour.