Is .awt file backwards compatible?

We ran into a snag publishing with Lectora Desktop v21.4.4 and would like to roll back to v21.4.3 until we have more time to deal with troubleshooting.

Will the project files that we created in v21.4.4 continue to work in v21.4.3?

Just FYI - our error is pictured below. We are running Edge in IE mode (due to legacy courses that haven't been converted to HTML5 yet) in Windows 10.

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You should be able to use a 21.4.4 awt in 21.4.3, I did during testing

It's a good idea to save a renamed copy of the current awt to play it safe though

That doesn't look like an error that would have been caused by changes in v21.4.4, are you sure the publish setting didn't change or something? It looks like trivantis.js is not being loaded for some reason, maybe look in the network tab [in the browser debugger] to see if something is blocking that from loading.

@wheels - you are right - it does appear as though the JS is not loading properly for a few files -> trivantis.js , trivantis-titlemgr.js , and trivantis-titlemgr-interact.js . See the Console window below.


My next debugging steps are to copy these JS files from a a 21.3.x version to see if it resolves the problem.

After copying the 3 files from a 21.3.x version, I get the following error.

We have found the problem in trivantis.js - Line 6302 is using => syntax which doesn't work in our IE environment.

We replaced:

setTimeout(() => { (window.myTop || window).lectoraActivating = false; }, 1000);

with the following:

setTimeout(function () { (window.myTop || window).lectoraActivating = false; }, 1000);

Now our modules work again and we don't have to regress our Lectora version. 😃

To make this a bit less error-prone we updated the version of trivantis.js in the Support Files folder so this fix will be automatically be included in future publishes.