Select "Publish Strings" based on Language setting

It would be nice if the correct publish strings file was automatically selected when we select our language in Title Options. My team regularly publishes courses in different languages and it is not intuitive to have to change the global setting each time.

(We don't use the built-in multiple languages option as that only works with text translation, not media/images/etc)

Discussion (3)

I have just developed JavaScript file that will translation text as it loads a given page, this way you only need one published version in any language and simply pass the language code when launched.

Let's say your native language is Spanish so you publish as Spanish and you also need English, German, etc. When you launch, just pass ...&lang=EN-US for US English or ...&lang=FR for French

Still in alfa stage, let me know if your interested. Requires 3rd party translation software.

Wow @pjackson2462, what a great idea!

I would absolutely love to see what you have created if you are willing to share. We have our own translators so that part is already taken care of.

Hi @susanmacnab thanks for your interest, this concept uses online translation, no translators needed except to review and maintain a glossary.