Confusing dropdown for button conditionals

As you can see in the screen capture below, when I click on the Buttons option in the conditional dropdown, it shows way more objects than just my buttons.

I understand this is because we may want to check on the state of a button anywhere in the project but is it really necessary to list the pages and groups that don't have buttons in them? Alternatively - if a different font was used (i.e. if the actual button objects are bolded) it would be easier to pick out the buttons in a larger project.

Discussion (2)

Unnecessarily long dropdown lists are one of my oldest gripes with Trivantis (pre-ELB) and ELB products. CenarioVR is worse, because the dropdowns have duplicate items and are unordered.

Thank you for the suggestions. Showing pages and groups and other objects allows the author to make sure they are picking the correct button. If all of the buttons were named "submit" as two are shown in the image, it might be hard to make sure the correct button is selected, possibly causing a bug in the course design.