iOS App allows neither deleting nor replacing downloaded scenario

See image. I republished the scenario, but I have no way to make the app use the new version. I can only launch the old.

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That image is from the "detail" page for the scenario. Use the back button shown at the top of that image to go back to the list of apps on the Assigned scenarios tab, which is where you can manage the deletion of scenarios.

I suppose if you are on the detail page, and never leave the detail page when you republish from CenarioVR, it won't automatically refresh the screen to give you an updated status, you would need to leave and come back.

When you publish, the App automatically removes the old version and prompts you to download the new version, on all platforms. To delete an existing scenario, if you are in the "card view" on the Assigned scenarios tab, select the red "trash can" icon, if you are in the list view, swipe left on the list item to show the delete button.

Is it possible you have multiple versions of this scenario published, and you are looking at a different version that is not being updated?

John, I knew that. In this case, no trash can appears, as I show in the image. It doesn't appear in any view.

I checked multiple times, that is the correct version. Even if it wasn't updated, the trash can should appear, but it doesn't.

John, to reiterate: the trash can appears in no view. Not the list, not thumbnails. I restarted the phone and logged back into the app. No trash can.

On the assigned scenarios tab, if the scenario has been previously downloaded, you should see this in Thumbnail view:

Or this in list view if you swipe left on the item in the list: