Initial button state doesn't work when button group is initially hidden

I have created a button group where the first button is set to have "selected" as its initial state.

The button group is set to "Initially hidden".

When the button group is displayed later on (after a delay for whatever reason) the first button doesn't show the correct state until I pass my mouse over it.

I made a sample to include here but I can't figure out how to attach files in the new forum. Am I missing something??? 🤔

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Samples can no longer be uploaded. This sounds like a bug, please report it.

Please submit a ticket:

Submit a ticket to Customer Solutions (

We are able to reproduce this so it's written up and will be looked at, sorry for the inconvenience.

As a workaround add an action to the default selected button. On Show -> Set State -> Selected targeting This Object and make it conditional on all buttons being 'Is Normal'

Thanks for the follow-up, @wheels. I did already engage a workaround similar to what you suggested so things are good for now 🙂

We have a code fix this now, it will be in our next release