Images not Importing from PowerPoint

Has anyone else had any issues with some photos (approx 2/3) not importing to a title when using the tool "From PowerPoint"? In the last several months me and the other members on my team suddenly started having this issue. I have put in a ticket with support with no resolution. This is causing so much extra work to scan the project for missing photos, saving them, etc. I would appreciate any help any other users may offer. Thank You!


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Hi lhinterweger2536,

That is quite an odd issue and I'd be happy to take a further look into what is happening when you're Importing the PPT files to Lectora. I'm going to send you a direct email to inquire further on this.

The typical first questions that come to mind, for anyone else to view, would be:

  1. What version of Lectora are you currently using; Desktop or Online? If Lectora Desktop 21, are you on the latest release at this time (v21.5.3)?
  2. When Importing the file, what options are being chosen to set it up (i.e. Page Size, No Transitions/Convert Transitions, and Images set to PNG)?
  3. How large are the images? Are the missing images ones that are much larger in size compared to the images that stay intact after Import? Are the missing images in random order, or does the Import show the first few pages with images and everything missing will be in succession thereafter?


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