Hotspot image resource - color

I need to replace all my 3D-model hotspots, because they cause iOS to choke during rendering. (The actual iOS renderer, not the CVR app--it happens both in the app and in browsers).

A colleague used a very simple SVG for her hotspots, which works in both iOS and in the Oculus headsets (which, as ELB's CTO informed me, choke on complex SVG drawings!).

I turned one of her scenes into a clip, added it to my scenario, opened the Properties of one of my 3D-model hotspots, and replaced the graphical component with the new SVG version ... and it's black, instead of the company-approved color my colleague used (which is required by our branding policy). In the clip that I added, they stay blue. If I replace my existing graphic, black.

Now, in the clip, the Properties of the hotspot include a color selector. In the original scene, not. I speculate that this is because it was originally a 3D model, which doesn't have a color-selecting option, but the option never gets added back in when one replaces the original image resource with an SVG.

Not a huge thing, but maybe something ELB could look at? At this point, my only option is to build all the hotspots from scratch and copy the actions over. Irritating and time-wasting.

Discussion (4)

The color selector appears for "colorizable" (is that a word?) assets from the Media Library. Is the SVG in question from the media library?

I'm not familiar with the internals of how SVGs are stored. I gather there are multiple formats (versions?) within that category. Thanks.

It is from the library, but apparently the color selector does not appear if you put it in a clip, then add the clip to the scenario--items from the clip are never colorizable. Once I realized that it was in the media library, I just grabbed the same SVG directly from the library and all was well, but the inconsistency was surprising to me. (Why can't I colorize SVGs from other sources? Do they have to start as #000000 for your code to work? It isn't that big a deal for me to colorize in Illustrator, just curious.)

Colorizing can be done if we know the items specific file format, which we do for items in the media library. Its not something that can just be applied over any file.