Greater modularity: linking from one scenario to another

I can't be the only CVR developer who has had scenarios "rot" and become unusable, with invisible objects, etc.

ELB support has blamed overly-complex scenarios. So ... I can't make the underlying learning model less complex without losing value. Instead, let's change the underlying software model.

Currently, CVR can link from one scene to another and that's all. How about letting us link from one scenario to another? For instance, my current project has two segments, a building tour consisting of a basement and a second level, after which the learner "goes outside" to tour an aboveground outdoor facility. Why can't I have that as three separate scenarios, and link from one to the other? That would presumably limit the number of times a scenario "goes bad" and stops being usable, and if that did happen would let the dev recreate only part of his/her work, not all of it (as ELB seemingly recommends).


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. As you know, most of the time in the eLearning world, linking from one AU to another is frowned upon. That control is normally at the LMS level and discouraged within an individual course. In Lectora, if you have multiple AU in a project, and a button or link from one AU to another in the same project, Lectora will block the publishing of the course.

Is your enhancement request for when a set of CenarioVR scenarios are hosted on CenarioVR or an external LMS? It seems this might be a request for the server side, or am I reading this wrong?

I was thinking server, but in fact it would have to work in both, would it not?

Personally, I think linking from AU to AU is desirable, but the consensus is currently against me. Might have to use xAPI to record it, of course.

Or you could fix the underlying bugs, of course, so larger CVR scenarios don't become corrupted and have to be rebuilt.