Has anyone experience in creating gaming elements in CenarioVR?

I would like to create scenarios with interactions with scores. Scoring a number of points will open a 'next level' scenario.

Other suggestions to add gaming elements?

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Tracking scores is pretty easy. You add actions to certain events (clicks) that increment a variable. There are lots of gaming elements. Badges, for instance, would also be pretty easy to increment, say "Overachiever" for someone who visits every location and clicks on every interaction. You could have a "scavenger hunt" game where someone has to "find the bunny" (or whatever) hidden in every scene.

There are some good examples of that in the Public scenarios with "Apartment Escape", an escap room simulation, and "Moles", a Whack-A-Mole game. Both of those are set to downloadable, so you can download the scenarios and import them into your account to see how they are built

I will check this. Tanx.

If you're looking for games (as opposed to gamification), ELB has a product for that, Training Arcade. I haven't actually used it, but some of our business partners have recommended it.