Flash CS4: can't set Lectora variables

Hi. I'm trying to set a single Lectora variable using a getURL call from Adobe Flash CS4 (ActionScript 2). Here is the relevant code in Flash:

jString = "javascript:VarfScore.set( '" + String(_global.totalCorrect/_global.numQuestions) + "');";



I have tried endless variations on this code. In Lectora, on the page following the Flash movie I have a text object with the action On Show->Change Contents->Text Block 1->fScore. The text block is set to the initial value of fScore, but the Flash movie doesn't seem to ever change that value.

I did some web searching and ran across a mention that to make the variable available to Flash, you had to reference it on the calling page, so I added an action to that page: On Show->Modify Variable->Target fScore->Value 96. This correctly sets the value of fScore to 96, which is what shows on the following page, but the Flash movie still doesn't change the value.

I'm sure I'm doing something obvious wrong, but I can't see it. I'd be grateful for any assistance.

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