Error starting scenario in browser Oculus 2

When I start html5 CVR content from Moodle (secure connection) in the browser of Oculus 2 headset I get the error:

Motion and Orientation are not accessible. CenarioVR cannot access Motion and Orientation. Please host on a secure connection (HTTPS) and make sure that any browser settings for Motion and Orientation are enabled

I want to start this CVR content to test the LTI connectivity.

How can I enable the settings in the browser to let this work?

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Likely its not settings in the browser, it settings in Moodle. You need to make sure your copy of Moodle allows VR within the iframe that is hosting the VR content. There are several ways, but the easiest would be to make sure the iframe has the parameters:

allowvr="yes" allowfullscreen="yes"

This should give the content access to the accelerometer and the gyroscope, as well as allowing the content to go full screen.

Tanx for the answer.

I can't find out how to fix this in Moodle. I uploaded CVR content packages (SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2 and HTML5) to the Moodle Workplace server and tried 2 ways: starting as embedded and in new window.

Now I tried to start a CVR SCORM 1.2 package in Brightspace and it worked: I could start it with the Meta Quest browser and view it as VR!!