Drag right, image moves left. Up arrow, image moves down.

See attached video.

What I'm trying to do here is overlay the second image shown on the first. I can then have Actions transition it in, to highlight the tripod leg, then transition in the arrow, which points to a zoomed-in view of the leg, and then have an infobox (not created when I recorded this) explain my point.

However, as you see, when I click within the rectangle and drag to visual right, the image will spin around and move left. I assume that this relates to the "south pole" of the coordinate system being inside the image, but that's a pure guess.

Unfortunately, CVR doesn't let me assign numerical values for things like position and angle, so I can't just force it to be in the same location as the image it's meant to cover.

You'll notice the image moving down partway through the recording when the mouse was not moving. That's me pressing up arrow ... and the image moving in almost the opposite direction.

Presumably this is fixable.

Note: allowing a user-settable delay before Actions would be super-helpful for my current experiment. Lectora has this feature, and it would allow me to automate having the image appear, then the overlay a second or two later, then the arrow and zoomed-in image.


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So my guess was largely correct.

I just found an alternate way to position it.

Looks like you are trying to work with an object at the very bottom of the sphere. Manipulation or movement at the exact bottom (or exact top) of the sphere will certainly be a challenge, as your coordinate system is switching between the different sides of the sphere, and you can't move things in a full 360 forever, there is a top and bottom.

Its also a pretty bad user experience to have someone look straight down (or up) and try and work with things in the sphere, it can cause user discomfort or nausea, even when running web based.


I would recommend you put the object you're working with in the field of view of the user.

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