Document Acknowledgement

We have employees acknowledge a policy/practice on some of our learning units. I included a snap shot of what our current acknowledgement looks like. Do any of you have suggestions on how to improve the look of it? Or is there a document acknowledgement option in Lectora that I can use, rather than recreating something.


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Think of this like a mini or micro emodule, but with the emodule containing all your legal messaging/documentation. It is similar to a 20 page document that you sign or initial but in digital format...

- great initiative, we have this for two of our policies, (1) a regulator x-ray policy, and (2) an exam and assessment proctor acknowledgement sign off. Both of these are required yearly by about 8500 users - so it has removed our need for paper based, non-trackable forms. We have also implemented this type of "sign off" in front of many of our re-training assessments where the user must acknowledge that they've received remediation training and are willing to be assessed. Both of these options have saved our behinds in the past 5 yrs.

I have attached a version that we use - let me know what you think. Keep in mind I've stripped down a lot of this module... but it gives you an idea of what we do.

Module includes:

Information as it pertains to the topic (e.g. how to be a good proctor).

Sign off page where the user enters their details as an agreement that they are going to comply with what they are signing for.

Our security information and hotline details.

That looks great, thanks for sharing! Gives me some ideas on how to spruce up our page.