CVR Scenario will not change end-of-play action

I created a Scenario with multiple scenes. The first one just loads a gray panoramic background and drops a standard 2D video on it, which plays, and then the Done action navigates to the next scene.

I added a scene and changed the Done action to point to that new scene, which I dragged to be second in the list.

The first scene still jumps to the original scene, now #3.

I deleted the action, deleted the published package, and republished. The first scene still jumps to the third scene, and still bypasses the second (which is now the intended target). It's as if, once published, the course can never be republished effectively.

Thinking it might be a caching issue at my end, I tried the scenario in Chrome (after developing in Firefox). Same thing. The caching issue has to be at the server end (or CDN, if you use one).

As an experiment, I exported the scenario as HTML5 and put it up on my personal server. You can see it navigate to completely the wrong place here:

I hereby authorize anyone at eLearning Brothers to open and play with this Scenario in order to fix/understand the problem. The Scenario is "Northport Virtual Tour". I'm going to duplicate it and keep working. The first thing I will try is deleting that target scene and seeing if that finally gets rid of the Action I already deleted. (The scene, "Building Entrance", has very little content and is easy to recreate.)

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Any special reason you can only pan to face visible objects? Seems like there's no reason to prevent panning to wherever the designer prefers ....

For the Northpoint Virtual tour, could you share an export of the scenario you are having trouble with to It would help to have the editable scenario in order to see what the actions and sequence of actions are.

As far as panning, if something is not visible, it has no position, so you can't pan to it. Try using a transparent hotspot (which is tchnically still visible!) if you want to pan to something you can't see.


Transparent hotspots are exactly what I did end up using. It works.

Why would non-visible items not have a position? The system clearly does remember their position, because when you reveal them they aren't in a random location.

Export shared.

OK, I looked at the Northport Virtual Tour scenario. The first scene has a video with an On Done action that linked to the second scene. It functioned as expected, and it functioned the same as the published link you provided above. I then changed the link to another scene, published, ran as expected, changed it back, published, also ran as expected.

As long as you publish each time, the new content is there. Are you using a viewer account to view the published content that perhaps isn't assigned the version of the scenario that you are publishing? I've made that error myself a few times when working with several copies of a scenario and one of them not assigned correctly.

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