Creating users

OK, these are pretty small improvements, but they'd be very helpful, IMO, for administrators.

  1. Allow me to upload a CDL of Firstname,Lastname,email when creating viewer accounts, to avoid my having to manually type dozens of names that I could otherwise easily export from a database or spreadsheet.

  2. If not that, let me paste a mailto: link into the email field. After all, that's what I am in all likelihood copying from a list of people.


Discussion (2)

That functionality is there, when you hover over the Plus button in the users tab, you'll see an icon for batch importing users right there. There is a sample CSV file that it gives you that you can fill out.

John, interfaces are my thing. Hidden icons that only appear when you float the mouse over other icons, and which blend into a background of other icons, and which have cryptic graphics (an up arrow means "import comma-delimited data"?) are perhaps less than ideal. I know that text is an issue because you would have to translate it and support many languages, but ....