Cool 360 interface you might steal, er, learn from ...

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Hi, CVR team,

I ran across this page last week:

The interface has some cool features, like continuous horizontal and vertical scrolling controlled by the user, and zoom. I've only completed two projects, and users are already asking for the zoom feature.

Since your interface by necessity uses the mouse click (or remote-control trigger) to activate hotspots, you could have the smooth-scroll interface use the keyboard arrows (if a keyboard is present), remote control/handheld controller (if that's present) or a compass rose-style arrangement of touchscreen buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. Zoom on touchscreens already works, but you could use the mouse wheel (as the Finnish example does) for mouse-equipped devices, and a button other than the trigger for controllers/remotes.

I know that I would use these features if they existed.


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