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So I made a very small test Scenario, specifically so it would be usable with a free SCORM Cloud account. It's attached, both the scenario as export, and the SCORM 1.2 file. One photo, two actions on the timeline.

When I run it from SCORM Cloud, it opens normally, but 1 second later (when the actions trigger) it automatically closes. The actions do seem to run--they set the score to 80% and "Send completion." (It looks as if it's setting AICC_lesson_status to "passed".) But why close the window? I did not ask for that. Is there no way to set the course to passed and leave it open? What if I want to let someone review?

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For SCORM 1.2, it is the responsibility of the LMS to close the window of the course, and it does that on the completion statement. So, SCORM Cloud is closing the Window, as it should. Actually, it is impossible for the scenario to close its own Window, only the opener of the window can close the Window, by JavaScript rules.

SCORM 2004 LMS's, on the other hand, do not close the window on completion (at least they are not supposed to!), as it was originally intended to be run in the same window as the LMS. So for SCORM Cloud, if you don't want it to close the Window on completion, try SCORM 2004. Of course, now it won't close the Window at all if it is in a separate Window.

Thanks. So, there is no way to let someone review a course, and also set completion, within CenarioVR? There is no "on exit' action that I can find.

The only obvious workaround would be to have a "click here to exit the course" hotspot in the last scene, which sets completion and then exits. Which, as I'm typing it, sure seems like an easy thing to do.

Thats actually what most scenarios published for LMS's use, its an obvious "finish" point for the course

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