Clean up the interface

Small thing, but in the Question Creator, Esc doesn't mean Cancel. That has been an interface standard for what, 30 years? There are a bunch of things like that.

Why doesn't Ctrl-A select all in the Question field (or in the description field when publishing)? Why is the actual text "Question text" present in the Question field, instead of just the hint found in normal text fields? That is, when I start typing there, I have to manually delete the words "Question text" out of it. Normal text fields will be blank as soon as they receive the focus.

Why is tab navigation so clunky in the Question Creator? Why doesn't the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Tab change tabs? Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn also do nothing.

Another suggestion: in the option menu for items in the Title Explorer, add a Duplicate choice.

All minor, but adding "polish" like this makes your products more pleasant to use and more professional-seeming. Currently it seems as if the rough edges from 12 years ago are still there.

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I am having QA go over and write up these usability issues, thank you for the feedback, as always very helpful!

- Joe

Another little, but easily fixed, thing. OK, two.

Ctrl-O means "Open a course." That's correct. But why does it only work if the focus is on the preview pane (the big one where the page is previewed)? If the focus is in the Title Explorer, Ctrl-O ... sends a Windows "alert" sound and does nothing. There is literally no value in the meaningless sound alert, please make it open a course everywhere.

Also, why does the very standard shortcut Ctrl-W not mean "close the current file while leaving the window open"? You know, as it does in every GUI program for the last several decades except this one?

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