Change default font in questions? Maybe other attributes?

In a Quiz, a question created by the Wizard appears in Arial 12, which is far too small. If I select all the components of the question (actual question text plus multiple choice/true false answers) and change the font size to 24, the text overflows the tiny text boxes it's in because Lectora doesn't handle text boxes in a sane manner. Then I have to manually fiddle with every single text box on the page to make them look right.

In older versions of Lectora, the Background tab of the Properties let one change the default font, either for a title or a quiz. However, Lectora 11 does not permit this. Is there any way to change the default font used when creating questions? For instance, is there a user-editable CSS stylesheet somewhere?

A more remote hope: any way to change the default positioning of question components, or even the default width of their text boxes?



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You can set up a style and then apply that to the test chapter:


The positioning is another issue entirely. I generally add my questions, then go back and place the textboxes at a desirable xy location:


Lectora 11 does permit this. Go to the test properties and in the middle is an area called Test Text Style. Uncheck Inherit. Then you can set your own font

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