Center item in viewport

Here's one that would help my workflow: I would like to be able to right-click an object and select "Point camera at center of this [object type]."

I want to have a scene start with the camera pointed right at the center of an image, but to do that I have to laboriously manually drag the camera around with the mouse (and since the developer has no access to numerical coordinates or numerical sizes, the result will always be a guess). Seems like something pretty easy to automate.



EDIT: When I click the hard-to-find button to "Set initial view," why does the PoV *change* before I can select the position I want? I laboriously select an angle, click that button, and then I have to repeat the process? And why can't I select a vertical angle as well as horizontal? If you're going to force me to a horizontal initial angle, put a guide on the screen so I can tell what angle I'm looking at during development, please. A virtual spirit level? A horizon line?

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