Can';t reply to Topic, "Test Settings"

New user Andrea Cullers (@acullers.4018) posted a new topic in this group, "Test Settings". I wrote up a pretty long answer to the posting, but all attempts to reply over the last few days result in a 403 Forbidden message from WebFence. I reported this to Trivantis support last week, but I have received no response, so I decided post it here where Joe and company would see it. I'd really like to help Andrea ....

Note also that the Trivantis support web page has a bug: if you resize the input text box by dragging the bottom-right corner, it forces the Captcha and Submit button off the bottom of the viewport. This was pretty confusing. I happen to be reasonably web-knowledgeable and found them again, but you shouldn't count on that.

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I'm responding to this via your email Carl, I want to see if you can help me reproduce this.

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