Audio cuts off before end of file on iPad and iPhone

For two (very similar) courses, which use a single audio file on every page, the audio starts playing normally, but will most times stop playing before the end. Most of these file send with "Click the Next button to continue." Often, the audio cuts out either in that sentence or the one before.

If you reload the page, the audio plays normally 100% of the time. Is the problem just too-high-bandwidth audio?

Played on a Windows system, the audio works every single time.

This project was originally created in Lectora ... I believe it was version 8. It was a long time ago. These two courses were published to SCORM 1.2 using Lectora 19. LMS is Success Factors, formerly Plateau.

Tested on two iPads and an iPhone, same behavior. One iPad and the iPhone have the latest OS. I believe the other iPad is one version behind.


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I recall something similar from my brain archives in a similar scenario - I think I remember taking the lazy way out, and modifying the audio file to put dead space at the end to account for that... don't quote me on that though...

Thanks, Joe. I've passed your advice along to the developer. We'll see whether it works.

Try using FFMPEG or Lame to re-encode the audio files into a newer format.

I've seen that fix some issues with older audio files. Probably the older encoding formats are not always tested and supported when releasing new OS updates.

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