alternative feedback options for an imported csv test?

I'm using the "Import CSV" option for a 50 question text. I like that it speeds up the process of making so many questions & also eliminates the risk of error when inputting questions that were provided by the SME.

I'm not happy, however, with how the "feedback" can only be used in an Alert box. Our standard exams normally have the feedback in a textbox on the screen that we "show" on process question.

Is there a possibility of getting the feedback assigned to a variable (or something) so we can use it outside of the alert box?

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If I understood the question correctly ... goto to the question-creator and create your own feedbacks via actionsgroups. You have to specify what should happen under a certain condition (e.g. a text box opens with feedback xy)...see attachment

Hi @ekmud01, thanks for your response.

What you are showing is how we have traditionally displayed our feedback but I was hoping to make use of the "CORRECT FEEDBACK" and "INCORRECT FEEDBACK" strings in an imported .csv file. As far as I know that text is only accessible in the "Display Message" feedback option. I was asking if there could be a way to have that same text added to a variable so it can be used elsewhere without the need to copy/paste to a text block on every single question.

As a workaround, I have used Javascript to overwrite the trivAlert function as follows:

function overrideTrivAlert() {

  var _trivAlert = window.trivAlert;
  window.trivAlert = function(pWinId, title, msg, cb) {

    const regex_feedbackAlert = /action\d{6}_\d{2}/;
    if (pWinId.match(regex_feedbackAlert)) {
    } else {
      _trivAlert(pWinId, title, msg, cb);

In a nutshell: I call the above function on page show. I also have a text block on the page assigned to the variable _feedbackString. As soon as the variable gets updated in my above script, it will display on the page!

It may still need a little bit more work but I'm slowly getting to where I want to be! 🙂