Adding users to a group

Current system is weirdly complicated.

By definition, you want to add multiple users to a group. Currently you must search for users (you can't pick from a list) and you can't assign users to groups directly, you have to start from the group and search out users to add.

So I search for "keith" to find the user I want, check his name, then erase the search term to search for "lizette" ... and Keith's name disappears. Is he not going to be added? Do I have to search for each user, add them, then start a new search by clicking the enigmatic plus icon and do a multiclick process each time?

Why can't I just assign users to groups by checking their names in a list? Why can't I just assign users to groups when I create them, instead of having to go back later, remember who I just created, and spend even more time jumping to each group I want them in, and adding them one by one? It's just very clunky and time-wasting.

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... and just now, I added someone to a group, but the onscreen display didn't update until I refreshed.

I knew about the Edit button, but my point was that almost every other GUI for lists of things lets me work with them by clicking on them, not by looking for tiny buttons and clicking on the tiny button instead of the visual location of the thing I want to work on. It's possible to do, it's just unnecessarily difficult.

Note that for me, the Edit button is about 20cm (say, 30 degrees of visual angle) away from the list of group names, because I have a large monitor. This has the effect of my not even seeing the option until I realize clicking the group name does nothing, and start searching for other unlabeled icon controls. To be technical in my former job of biology, the button is so far from the group name it's not imaged on the fovea, and can't be made out until you move your central focus off the group name.

Nielsen-Norman Group. Really.

And why can't I view the membership of a group by clicking on its name in the list? That's how essentially every other list of things everywhere else works.

On the "Users" tab, there is a list of users. You can set your list length to 50 to get a large list if you want. You can add the Users to groups by just clicking on the groups dropdown, and selecting the groups you want to add them to.

Viewing what members are in a group is done from the groups tab, by clicking on the edit button for the group. That is where you can also remove members from the group.

Groups can be assigned when creating users in the batch import currently, as discussed in the other question you had asked about batch import. In the interface, they are added after the user is created.

... and just now, I added someone to a group, but the onscreen display didn't update until I refreshed.