Add hotspot in fixed position, objects vanish

So, I created a scene within my scenario to act as a central navigation, basically a menu, with hotspots leading to other scenes. To get back to it, I made a tiny thumbnail image from a screen capture of it and put it in each of the linked scenes, in a fixed position at lower left.

When I pasted it into two of the scenes, other objects disappeared.

When I pasted it into "Lower Observation Deck" the navigation link (to the next scene) that was attached to down-arrow.svg became invisible. That is, the hotspot was on the page but was never actually visible--you could click it, you got the little mouseover "plink" noise, but it was not shown. I didn't worry about that, I just deleted it and made a new link using an image placed over an info card (since CenarioVR doesn't allow text hotspots). (I made the image transparent, obviously.)

Then, not seeing the pattern, I pasted the hotspot into the "Turbine and Feedwater Heaters" scene. Now all the other objects in the scene completely vanished from the scenario! The object listing for that scene is empty.

I deleted the menu thumbnail but my original objects did not come back.

I have a copy of an older version of this scenario, so all is not lost, but it is darn jarring to have major pieces of your work vanish like that.

I am attaching the scenario export to this message, and you (John) already have my previous version to compare.

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I went ahead and made V4 of the scenario, then painstakingly recreated all the objects and actions in the disappeared scene. Then it suddenly reverted to the original, losing all my new work but having the original objects and actions reappear!

Come on, Trivantis. Sorry: come on, eLearning Brothers!

OK, it's worse. Somehow all objects were deleted out of “Turbine and Feedwater Heaters” in V2 of the scenario, not just V3 (which I was working on). This is serious server-side corruption, folks.

Took a look at the scenario, copied the "fixed" menu hotspot to all of the scenes, didn't see any issues, tried to follow your steps exactly.

Had another user do the same, and he is not seeing any issues either.

Perhaps you could contact support and run it through with them in a screen share so they can see whats happening?


Looking into this, Carl. Sorry for the trouble!

John, I can't replicate it myself now. As I say, it spontaneously undid itself (at least the second, worse one). I wonder if there is some odd caching issue with current Chrome on Windows 7. Are you using any of the various methods to disable caching during development?

No, haven't done anything with caching, but did I see that right, are you using Windows 7? Maybe there is an issue there with browser support or driver support?


@John, I was wondering if browser caching was causing a problem, actually, by presenting me with obsolete versions of data.

I mostly work on Linux, actually. Working from home (due to the pandemic), I have access to my own computer, which is (as you'd expect) configured more to my taste than corporate issue, so I use it a lot. For Lectora I have to use the Company device, that's where it's installed. CVR gives me more flexibility.

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