Actions: let me see the whole thing

See attachment.

Tell me: in the current interface, how can I tell what the actual target is? If I lean over two inches from the screen, I can see the very faint blue shading on the icon for the first video file in the dropdown list, but why are you trying to injure my spine? (Side note: why only shade the icon? Programmatically, it's just as easy to shade the text as well, and that would be far easier to see.)

Wouldn't it be nice if the entire not-that-long file name would display in the actual Action zone of the Ribbon? Or even better, how about an Actions Panel on the right of the window, where we currently have the Resources, Library, etc.? That would give you the real estate to actually, you know, put all the information about an Action on the screen? If you wanted to be fancy, make it a "tear off" panel that one could relocate to a different monitor, which would let the developers customize our work environments?

In fact, why not let all the various panels and so forth detach and be rearranged? That would stop people like me from griping too much about the arrangement. We could just fix it.


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