Accessibility with Status Indicators and Language

I saw there was a specific Accessibility discussion forum, so I'll post my accessibility related questions here moving forward, rather than the main forum.

When my JAWS screen reader announces a Status Indicator, it announces the indicator's label name, followed by one of the 3 built-in statuses ('Not Started', 'In Progress' or 'Completed'), followed by the word 'graphic'

So for example: If I label a button 'Module 2' on a menu, I'll call its associated status indicator "Module 2 Status". That way the screen reader will announce:

"Module 2 Status, Not Started, graphic"

Now for our French language courses, we need to update the built-in status words 'Not Started', 'In Progress' or 'Completed' to their French counterparts. Non commencé, En cours, Terminé

As far as I can tell there isn't any way to change those directly in Lectora.

They don’t seem to be under any setting,

They don’t change when your publish language is set to French

They are not included in the translation file

and they are not located in the Publish Strings file.

I may be wrong but I didn't see info that mentions of translating these terms any where in Lectora documentation or help files.

However, we do manually update it in the trivantis-image.js file after each publish.

Is there a different way? Am I missing something? I wonder if this could be added to the Publish Strings for easier updating.



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We are glad you found a way to work around this. We have this documented as an issue (LD-6901) and I will add this forum post to it.

@wheels Awesome. Thanks for looking into it!