Ability to collapse or float the ribbon (top toolbar)

Similar to the Microsoft products the layout was designed after - would be nice to mimic the ability to collapse the ribbon (especially when working from laptop where screen real estate may be limited). Carrot on the right side of ribbon to collapse - tab options stay visible, and when you click the tab option it opens back up and gives the ability to pin.

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Thanks for this feedback I am sharing this with the Lectora team and it will influence future changes.

Maybe float it so user can decide were to dock it? But f scrapping the whole thing is an option, I think I would prefer the dialogs that opened up separately like back in the day. You could click 'enter' and tab more quickly to the settings that needed changed, key the name of the object you were targeting via keyboard, and never have to use the mouse for the transaction (actions and such). ; )

I've spent years now wishing to just get drop-down menus back.

Note to all Microsoft imitators: human brains and eyes scan better vertically than horizontally. The Ribbon is objectively worse than menus. It's there because Microsoft wanted to look different, not because of any usability benefit.

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