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is it possible to upload a file from within a course developed in Lectora?

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thanks Adam

You mean the ability to have someone who is taking the course upload a document? I would say no - you would have to just add in a link to a location that would accept uploads. For example, If you have a SharePoint library the trainee has access to, you would put that link on the training page for them to upload a document to.

I have seen some authors embed Google Forms, for surveys or other data collection, by inserting a Lectora External HTML object and using the embed HTML code snippet.

Google Forms has an option to upload files (the student would have to log into Google to upload files, that is different than a survey without file upload).

That is a good point @wheels - I actually used the Microsoft Form option to get simple course feedback in a recent course, but Forms does have an attachment option. @aoswald - attached is a library object for how I added it (HTLM extension). Properties, and edit - then paste in your embed location. (between the center tags).

Another great option for in-course file upload is Typeform - it's not the cheapest, but provides really beautiful forms that you can embed as a web window.

All uploaded files are stored in Typeform's responses backend for safekeeping, and you can integrate with a platform like Zapier to automatically have the emails sent to a Gmail inbox or stored in Dropbox/Sharepoint. Pretty cool!

Thanks @v01d , @cainam & @wheels

I appreciate the feedback