test results

Ludo wrote:

Hmmzz. When does this spacing occur? Does it occur when publishing to an exe-format as well? If that is so, then it is a lectora-problem. If it does not, you might want to check for different effects on different browsers.Otherwise, try to "lock" the text field in position and size. Might just work as well. I think there is too much space between answers when I look at the Test Results page in Lectora before I even try to publish it. I can move the answers around a little bit but it doesn't seem to help when it's published.Even if I tell it to only show the incorrect answers, if I have a 12 question test and the student answered #11 incorrectly, you have to scroll down significantly to see the wrong answer on the test results page.I am publishing to scorm/web based.Would really like to get this resolved. These test results do not look very professional at all.

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