space between questions on test results

Wow, that is a shocker. I just tried it w/o making changes to the results page and they are really spread out. Two things:1. Probably ought to let Trivantis know - Let us know what they say.2. Workaround: I found that when I moved 2 of four question answers around, that everything was in place. Not sure why. At first, they were very far apart. I just moved questions 2 and 4 sideways some and then when I ran it all the questions were about where they should be. I did NOT move questions 1 and 3 but after I moved 2 and 4, 1 and 3 were now in the right place. Maybe you only have to move one of all the questions. Try it. Edited By: bpitman on 2007-3-18 8:46:18

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