Show image on click of hotspot

Greetings. I am having trouble with this very simple interaction. On my scene, I added an image. Then, I added an icon hotspot with the "On select" action "Show" the image. But when I preview it, the image is already there from the beginning. What am I missing? TIA - Val

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Did you set the image to "initially hidden"? Otherwise it ... won't be hidden initially.

That would be what I missed. I'll find that setting. Thank you.

Been there, done that, spent far too long trying to find the setting.

You could have an Action taking place before page load that hides it, but this is more elegant.

I really appreciate your help,

. You are working in Lectora and I am in CenarioVR, but your response helped me figure it out. I had to toggle "Visible" so that it wouldn't show from the start.