page returns to beginining at end of audio - i don't want that

I have a page with 3 text blocks that appear based on triggers in an audio file. When the audio completes, the slide reverts to showing only the first txt block as it appears when the page first shows. Why does it do that, and how do I make it stop?

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I had an event at the very beginning of the audio. I removed that and the page worked perfectly. I remembered that I have had that happen before so i tried it and it worked.

This is why I can't put an action to clear the page in the first second or so of the audio. If a learner want to restart the page. It's a trade off. Either you put in the trigger to clear the page at the beginning and the page reverts to a clear page at the end of the audio. Or you don't put any trigger in the audio for the first couple seconds and the page will stay with all the information at the end of the audio.

I chose the later because I don't want the page to suddenly clear at the end of the audio.

where, how?

if you put an event in the first second of the audio - doesn't matter what it is, when the audio is done playing, the slide will revert to what it looks like at the beginning.

yes it is a bug I have seen discussed before but so far has not been addressed.

Run the page in debug mode and see what actions are fired at the end of the file, then remove those actions.

Can you publish a demo page with thi bug? I'm really curious and I couldn't reproduce it.

So did I get this right, the actions from the first second of the audio actually fire in the end as well? This is obviously a bug that needs to be dealt with.

Hit F8, publish to HTML, upload to web (I use Dropbox Public folders for that). Or send it to, and I'll put it on the web :)

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