New File Sharing System for the ELB Learning Community!

Want to upload files to share with fellow members of the ELB Learning Community? We’ve got you! 

Please read the following document to learn how to share files on the ELB Learning Community:

Following your suggestion for file sharing with the Community, we have come up with a safe file-sharing system that ensures all the documents shared by our members are compliant with our security regulations. We hope this helps facilitate document sharing with your fellow members!

To upload your file or folder, save the following link:

To find files referenced in a community post, save the following link:

Discussion (2)

This really is not the way to go. The old forum ( as most forii ) had the option to directly add .zip, .scorm and .pkg files as attachment, thus making it very easy for users to help other users by sharing things. This way you have to use another system to upload and/or find or reference uploads...and wait for moderation. Im very sorry, but im not gonna use it like this. Not user friendly at all. You guys are killing the Lectora community this way !

To emphasize the importance of a 'good-working' community i posted the same solution for an issue some user of a forum had created in Lectora and as test also in Articulate Storyline. As you can see in the added image a proper forum will have more attention and thus more users and followers. Personally i prefer Lectora above Storyline anytime, but as you see in the responses on the 2 posts Articulate Storyline clearly appeals to more users. I have heard from users that choose for Storyline mainly because of the support of the community.