Elevate your microlearning content with MicroBuilder’s newest AI features!

Speed up your microlearning module creation with MicroBuilder’s newest AI features. Experience a significant upgrade to your productivity as AI steps in to make the microlearning creation process more streamlined and innovative.

Speak Through AI with AI Avatars

Create captivating AI videos featuring an AI avatar as your spokesperson! Select your preferred avatar, type your script, choose a background, and let the AI bring your words to life!

Generate Learning Content with AI Assistance

Enter a prompt to instantly generate entire microlearning modules, and watch as our tool crafts engaging content complete with section headers and detailed text blocks.

Produce Content from Files You Upload

Transform your documents into structured, comprehensive learning modules by simply uploading your documents**. Based on your prompts, AI will produce rich, interactive microlearning content. Once documents are uploaded, AI will also reference them when generating new content. 

AI-Generated Analogies & Scenarios

Bring your learning to life by enriching your content with relevant analogies and real-life scenarios crafted by AI.

Step-by-Step Guidance Integration

Make complex concepts more accessible and straightforward by integrating clear, AI-generated steps into your content. 

Innovative Text Block Features

  • Seamless Text Block Creation: Enhance your module's clarity and engagement by creating context-specific text blocks. 
  • Text Adjustments: Tailor your content's length and depth with just a few clicks. Expand for more detail or condense for brevity, all with AI assistance.

Engaging Question Set Creation

Transform your content into interactive learning experiences. With a single click, our AI analyzes your content and embeds five customizable and relevant questions, enhancing learner engagement and assessment capabilities.

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