NEW! Chroma Key (Green Screen) For Easy Character Or Animation Add-In!

Chroma Key Video, also known as Green Screen or Transparent Background video, enables you to put a moving character or animation into your scenario using a standard video object.

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Discussion (4)

Do Chroma keys always work? I have a simple 10 second black and white animation of a hand cursor moving, I'm keying out the black but on my iPad tablet using the CVR app, the video doesn't display.

Does the video display on the iPad at all? iPads are pretty notorious for being picky about what dimensions and resolutions of video they will play

Then weirdly I built back up using better quality settings and imported one by one and they all started working, even at 700x700 24fps.

Just checked, no, the video doesn't play with no chroma key set either. It's only a normal H264 mpg.

I've experimented with various export settings and finally got it working with a 10fps 300x300pixel video.