Need help sending email when published to Scorm

I am working on a project for a client where their learning program will be being updated. I have a button on each screen where the user can click and it will send me an email with information of that screen so i will know exactly what screen is outdated and needs to be updated. It is a simple cgi script which gives me information from forms on each page. This works perfect when published in HTML but when I publish it for Scorm and test it, it doesn't work. Does anyone know of a way I can send form information to my email when published in Scorm?

Thanks in advance.

Discussion (3) could also be the other way round. If your sript is an attachment to your title, it'll be in the Scorm ZIP after publication. It won't work from inside the ZIP, it must be somewhere else on the server.


I am pretty sure this is an XSS (cross site scripting) issue. You cannot send POST data from a course located on the LMS server to a CGI script located on another server unless you configure the receiving server to allow it.

Right, didn't think about that. If you did indeed attach a CGI (php?) script to your title and uploaded it to your own server that is configured to run uploaded PHP files, it'd work, whereas uploading a PHP file as part of SCORM package to an LMS will definitely not work. No LMS admin would allow running upload CGI scripts.

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