Multiple response

How do we create multiple response questions in CenarioVR?



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Add a question and the question will start with two answers. On the Question edit window, in the lower left is a "ADD CHOICE" button that you click to add one more choice. Repeat until you have the number of choices you desire. You then use the "Correct" slider on each answer to determine if there is just one correct answer for this question or multiple, for a multiple-response question.

You can use the Appearance section of the Question Window to change the look of the multiple-response question. 

Actually, that isn't how you do it. Standard CVR questions support single choice. 

You can "roll your own" multiple response questions fairly easily, I've attached an exported scenario example of how you would do that.


, you have support for building CVR scenarios into Lectora ... if you allowed the reverse, we could build some very flexible exams/quizzes. Just a thought.