Looking for some feedback

I developed this quiz and would like some feedback. It has 8 questions. You get 5 points for every correct answer. And, you get 4 seconds to answer each question. At the end, you can review your answers.

Let me know what you think. quiz is here: http://learntitle.com/sample/Lectora/Rapid%20Fire/index.html

Discussion (6)

I like the fun element with the timer. I would suggest giving more space for the question so the user can focus on the question (numbers don't need to be so close), and looks like you could use the align / spacing tools to make sure the numbers are evened up?

As an instructional designer, I would say that you've created a test of reading speed. If you wanted a test of memory, there's no actual reason for using that per-question timer.

For me 4 seconds per question are a true challenge to read and decide. Of course it may be enough for learners who know about the topic.

You might add a countdown before the first question, so the users can get prepared for the race and some form of break or a sound or a better visible switch / transition between two question to recognize the 4 seconds are over.

In addition to the comment from @carlfink - this is an accessibility nightmare. @timk mentioned it and I'll also second it that even as a fast reader, I couldn't even answer the first question in the 4 seconds. Imagine a learner with dyslexia trying to read the questions AND answer them in the allotted time. Imagine a user that does not use a mouse and navigates with keyboard only. Imagine a user relying on a screen reader.

Even if you think you have a small percentage of users that require assistive technology, it's important to consider them or you're doing them and even your abled users a disservice.

As an ID - what is the purpose of the "rapid fire" and, maybe more importantly, why only 4 seconds?

It's a great idea and foundation to build on while you consider some of the other comments and factors mentioned.

Great job reaching out for feedback, I think it is great to get reactions from people with fresh eyes.

I echo the above statements of not enough time and not understanding use case for question by question rapid fire quiz... also for the "click happy" participants, they can crack the test by selecting True for every answer, and then since quiz isn't randomized, get 100% by clicking false on the 3 answers that turned red.

But to call out what is good, It does advance to the next question as expected, and it is good to see the feedback with Green/Red for correct and incorrect. I may try to find a way to indicate the difference between a TimeOut vs Incorrect response. Also alignment of 4-10 is a few pixels lower.

If I was in love with this interaction, I may suggest adding a "Times Up, next question loading" so people can stop thinking of the timed out answer and transition to the next question.

Thanks for the comments. The amount of time and the number of questions is arbitrary. Timer could be any number of seconds and the number of questions can be as many or as few as desired. the goal with the timer was to add a bit of gamification to the exercise.